Friday, July 22, 2016

Matisse in HisTime: Masterworks of Modernism from the Centre Pompidou, Paris

This exhibit is definitely on my "go to" list for this summer!

The exhibit is organized by the Centre Pompidou--Europe's leading museum of Modern and Contemporary Art--in collaboration with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Visitors to the exhibition will experience the full scope of Matisse's extraordinary career through nearly fifty of his paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints, dating from the late nineteenth century to after WWII. In addition to these masterpieces, the exhibit features fifty additional major works by many of the most celebrated artists of the twentieth century, including Picasso, Renoir, Derain, Braque, Miro, and Modigliani.

OKCMOA will be the exclusive North American venue for this exhibit, which presents, for the first time outside Europe, highlights from one of the world's preeminent collections of Modern Art.

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